About Us

Mission Statement

The Dance Alliance, an organization of choreographers, dancers, teachers and advocates of dance, aims to create an atmosphere in which dance will flourish by networking and sharing resources among its members; by supporting a critical process for choreographers, performers and audience; by sponsoring, alone or in collaboration with other institutions, dance education programs and concerts for its membership and the public at large.


Founded in 1978 and incorporated in 1988, the Dance Alliance covering the NY Capital Area and Saratoga Regions, sponsors programs and performances in ballet, modern, ethnic, jazz, tap and body work. It collaborates with dance schools, area colleges and performing arts organizations to encourage participation in and appreciation for the art of dance. Through its efforts, leading dance artists have conducted master classes, special performances, discussions and public forums on various aspects of dance. The Dance Alliance co-sponsors events with the National Museum of DanceSkidmore CollegeEmma Willard SchoolRussell Sage CollegeThe Egg and Proctor’s Theatre.